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The Show

The Greatest Knight of the Year!


The Roc-King Club plays host to world-class performers and players, bringing you immersive, theatrical experiences all from the comfort of your own seats, while you feast on the finest food in the most stunning of settings.

For the inaugural Roc-King Club show taking place in May 2024, we will transport you to a world of knights, dualling contests and incredible performers that will take your breath away.

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Four knights. One title. You choose.

Roll up, roll up for The Greatest Knight of the Year! Immerse yourself in this incredibly prestigious competition where you will play a central role. First, watch four extraordinary contests. Then choose between four dashing, daring, courageous and (outrageously) proud knights. Who should win the most valuable title that the Queendom can award?

Between each round, wonder at our world-class acrobats, comedians and magicians. They’ll be roaming the room, looking to astonish, excite and delight you. (Help them out with some Oohs and Aahs.)

Experience an exquisite banquet served, course by course, throughout the competition. And, as you eat, try to decide who you most want to win. Will you agree? We certainly hope not!

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Will our knights see their honour, pride (and thumbs) survive? Will Sir Robinheart’s massive profile bring him glory, success and even more fame? Will Sir Tain-Death ever speak a complete sentence? And can Georgie the Stable girl find her true calling – one that throws shovels and horse-poop far, far away?

Nothing is certain, for this tournament is like no other. Victory demands strength and speed, bravery and poetry, and some seriously funky dance moves. Will the right knight win? There’s only one way to find out – at The Greatest Knight of the Year.

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The Roc-King Club Cast


A stable girl who volunteers for the tournament at the last minute.

Sir Robinheart

A vainglorious Instagram star.

Sir Tain-Death

A heavy, scary, thundering knight.

Sir Obsolete

A highly traditional medieval knight.

Queen Marjorie

Our eccentric but enthusiastic ruler.

Arthur Chalice

Our wise-cracking, charismatic host.

Musicians, magicians, and more...


As well as our cast, The Roc-King Club experience features a company of world-class performers. You’ll experience our dancers, magicians, comedians and others roaming the room to entertain each and every guest. Get ready to be astonished, excited and delighted!


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