Our Story

Who we are, why we’re here and how we’re going to knock your socks off (hopefully!)

Our founder, Nita, is a mum of three boys – Rocco, Albie and baby Lennon.  When Rocco, her eldest, was small, they travelled the world. She took him to local shows in all sorts of places so that he could experience as much as possible of what the big wide world has to offer. Only too aware of how quickly kids grow up, Nita has always tried to give her boys experiences that they will remember forever and to make the time she spends with them as special as possible. 


A Noble Quest

As the boys grew older, Nita wanted to find an experience that let her whole family dress up ‘super fancy’ and watch a show with a dinner. She found this quest to be almost impossible – she’d book a show and then search for a quality, child-friendly restaurant. “I just couldn’t find anywhere that honoured this special family moment,” she says: “That’s when I realised there was a huge gap in the market.” 

This realisation was the genesis of The Roc-King Club – its name inspired by Rocco, her eldest son. With the help of her partner Christopher, Nita realised the vision for The Roc-King Club - ‘the ultimate family moment’. She explains: “We want to be the family picture on the mantelpiece; a core family memory locked in children’s minds forever – memories they’ll treasure for life.” 

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An Immersive World

We’ve brought together two central elements to turn Nita’s vision into reality – a fantastical show set around an extraordinary dinner. We’re creating a single experience that combines them both within an immersive world of magic, wonder and make-believe. A world where performers are up close and all around you, where you’re part of the story, and where imaginations can run wild.

The Roc-King Club isn’t traditional theatre – or traditional dinner, come to that. We’re not tied to one specific venue, menu or theme. Instead, we’re borrowing the best the world can offer – their stories, their performers, and their food. We’ll constantly be changing, adapting and moving – from London to the rest of the UK, and beyond.

We want to be an iconic British brand that knows exactly where we come from but is global in outlook and ambition. We want our guests to be thrilled when they walk through the door, knowing that they have the hottest tickets in town and that what they see at The Roc-King Club is truly unique – an experience none of them will ever forget. We hope that it really knocks your socks off!

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