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The Roc King Club Menu


Arthur’s Chalice

A red berry mocktail with a scented bubble burst served in a gold chalice




Charcuterie butter boards

Charcuterie, cornichons, toasted ficelle, olive truffle butter (gluten, milk)

Veggie butter boards

Grilled Mediterranean vegetables, toasted ficelle, sundried tomato & basil vegan butter, rosemary & thyme (VG, V) (gluten, milk)




Sir Robinheart’s Platters of Decadence

Gunpowder roast duck

With a ruby cherry jus, potato pavé, green beans & spiced olive dust (sulphites, celery)


Wild mushroom and leek croquettes

With crispy kale, pickled mushrooms, ruby tomato jam & olive dust (gluten, dairy)


For kids




Nachos board

Tricolour nachos & whipped tomato and basil butter with tomato salsa, guacamole and cheddar cheese (gluten, milk)




Sir Obsolete’s Pie of Wonder

Popcorn chicken & puff pastry with fries, vegetables and dips


Vegetarian option:

Vegan tofu nuggets, with fries, vegetables & dips (V)


Alternative option:

Spaghetti meatballs (gluten)




Queen Marjorie’s decadent cakes of curiosity

Cupcake surprise carousel (gluten, dairy)


Sir Tain Death’s Poison Elixir 

A black liquid ‘shot’ 

VG: Vegetarian

V: Vegan

Gluten-free and dairy-free options are available for all options

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